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Archives May 2012

Splunk – Customize the “Results per page” Dropdown

Splunk – Customize the “Results per page” Dropdown

Do you want to customize Splunk by:

  • Extending the default choices of 10, 20 and 50 results per page?
  • Changing the default number of search results?

This quick how to describes how to implement both of these changes.

Start by making a custom local copy of configuration file that we are about to change:

cp –p $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/$APPNAME/default/data/ui/views/flashtimeline.xml \ 

$APPNAME is your app or search for the default search app

Extend the XML Count options with some extra XML like so:

<module name ...

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Aerohive How To: Create a Firewalled and NATed Separate Network

Suppose you want to create a separate wireless network for guests or so that employees may access the Internet with their personal devices. Devices on this separate network should only be able to access the Internet and not be able to access any internal resources. I have not seen this documented anywhere, so I am going to share. There are several steps, but the process is relatively painless.

Start by creating a New VLAN under Configuration > Advanced > Network Objects > VLANs. Choose a VLAN numeral that is not being used. I chose 42.

Now let’s create a New DHCP server ...

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Aerohive Networks Wireless Review

Aerohive Networks Wireless Review

Writing just a bit of potentially valuable content is better than not writing at all, right? I would like to spend tons of time writing a comprehensive review about Aerohive because… well... they rock! Unfortunately (fortunately?), I am strapped for time so this will be short and sweet.

I ran into the Aerohive booth at HIMMS 2011 and I was immediately impressed with their products. Not only do the wireless access points look cool, but their approach to wireless networking is unique and effective. Aerohive uses a controller-less architecture which helps to reduce the costs and complexities of large enterprise ...

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Write, Write, Write!

Wow, has it already been two months since I launched this site and wrote the first (and only) blog article? I ended up starting a college course several days after I wrote the previous article and it has been taking up most of my extra time. Since grad school assignments are mostly writing, I have not wanted to do a lot of extracurricular writing. I am excited that I only have one more course plus a thesis and then I will have my master’s degree.

I am not going to sweat about creating perfectly written articles or long articles ...

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