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“As I stand here I ponder greater things”
~ Candlebox

I am compelled to write about the value of change in our lives. Everyone has a different level of comfort when it comes to change, but it is rewarding to periodically step out of our comfort zones and embrace change. Change helps us to grow emotionally, spiritually and gain wisdom. New circumstances, people and events challenge us to intentionally live in the moment and pursue our dreams.

Responsibilities in our lives can sometimes make us feel like our freedom is being restricted, but everyone has the capability to identify potential beneficial changes. Change agents do not have to be huge life-changing events. Small changes may provide revolutionary benefits. A few actionable and useful habits that come to mind are scheduled meditation, education, eliminating a disruptive behavior, finding an artistic outlet and getting out of debt.

Do you know what your dreams are? Is the plan that you have set up for the next 5 years helping you realize your goals? This may be a good time to reexamine your situation and think about what advantages change could bring to light.

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