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Beer of the day: Volume 01 - What is your beer/time quotient?

Beer of the day: Volume 01 - What is your beer/time quotient?

Do you know how much beer you are drinking over the course of a year? Wanna know? Keg homebrew & count! It's easy. Start here.

Step 01 - Buy some stuff.

Yep, you gotta spend some money to get into this hobby. But, ya know what? It is totally worth it. And you can start small, so just buy the 160 dollar kit at the local homebrewden and get started.

Step 02 - Follow their directions.

I'm not going to explain how to brew beer, that'd be silly! There are tons of great resources out there and when you know the basics, then it is all about experimentation. So have fun! : ) The most common question is how long does it take. Once you start kegging, you wont need to worry about the time.

Step 03 - Keg, drink and enjoy.

I list this as one step because it basically explains the remainder of the process.

Want to start homebrewing or have you been doing it for a while? Share your experience.

Did you expect to find beer here?

Oh yeah, you are supposed to count the kegs you drink. It is good to keep metrics and set goals. Kegs per year is an interesting statistic.

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