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Beer of the day: Volume 01 - What is your beer/time quotient?

Beer of the day: Volume 01 - What is your beer/time quotient?

Do you know how much beer you are drinking over the course of a year? Wanna know? Keg homebrew & count! It's easy. Start here.

Step 01 - Buy some stuff.

Yep, you gotta spend some money to get into this hobby. But, ya know what? It is totally worth it. And you can start small, so just buy the 160 dollar kit at the local homebrewden and get started.

Step 02 - Follow their directions.

I'm not going to explain how to brew beer, that'd be silly! There are tons of great resources out there and when you know ...

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“As I stand here I ponder greater things”
~ Candlebox

I am compelled to write about the value of change in our lives. Everyone has a different level of comfort when it comes to change, but it is rewarding to periodically step out of our comfort zones and embrace change. Change helps us to grow emotionally, spiritually and gain wisdom. New circumstances, people and events challenge us to intentionally live in the moment and pursue our dreams.

Responsibilities in our lives can sometimes make us feel like our freedom is being restricted, but everyone has the capability to identify potential beneficial ...

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Write, Write, Write!

Wow, has it already been two months since I launched this site and wrote the first (and only) blog article? I ended up starting a college course several days after I wrote the previous article and it has been taking up most of my extra time. Since grad school assignments are mostly writing, I have not wanted to do a lot of extracurricular writing. I am excited that I only have one more course plus a thesis and then I will have my master’s degree.

I am not going to sweat about creating perfectly written articles or long articles ...

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Introductions Are in Order

Hello, I am Charles O'Brien. I am excited to be writing my first blog post EVER. I wonder how long it will be before I become comfortable with this whole blog writing process. While I am excited to write, I am also excited to keep working on the code for this site which is open source. Not only is this my first blog post ever, but this is also my first open source project where I am a contributor. It's about time!!

What's next?

I have been collecting ideas for posts, so now I just need to ...

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