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DatabaseError: permission denied errors on Heroku

DatabaseError: permission denied errors on Heroku

If you are seeing this error while investigating Heroku logs, it might be because your write permissions have been taken away!

Whoops! How do I know that? This blog was down for a couple of days because I had exceeded the maximum number of Postgres database rows on my Heroku free account. Conveniently, Heroku now makes it easy to directly interact with Postgres data via psql.

I fixed the issue and waited 24 hours, but I was still receiving HTML 500 errors. This time the errors were limited to my django admin login page. Upon inspection of the traceback, it ...

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Customizing Vim to Easily Add Python Breakpoints

I added a few lines to my .vimrc today in my ongoing effort to be more productive and type fewer key strokes.

First I changed the <leader> variable from a backslash to a comma which is easier to type.  The leader variable is useful for creating custom commands.

"Easier mapleader than the default "\"
let mapleader = ","

Instead of manually typing "import ipdb; ipdb.set_trace()", the following vim configuration will insert a python breakpoint in the next line by typing ,p in normal mode.  As the comment explains, ctrl v and then escape must be typed in order to create the characters ...

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Python Argparse - Parsing Command Line Scipt Arguments

The python argparse module is quite nifty.  In the past I have used code like this to parse arguments to command line scripts:

import sys

prog_name        = sys.argv[0]

def printUsage():
  print 'Usage: ' + prog_name + ' USEFUL_ARGUMENT'
  print 'This script does something useful with an argument.\n'
  print 'Examples:'
  print '  '+ prog_name + ' USEFUL_ARGUMENT\n'

if '-h' in sys.argv or '--help' in sys.argv or len(sys.argv) != 1:

useful_arg = sys.argv[0]

The argparse module helps to eliminate boilerplate code, provides nice formatting for free, and provides useful features. Here is the same code using the ...

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